A Message to Essex Sheds

The following was emailed to all Essex Sheds today (21st December 2020):

‘Although the exemptions for Support Groups are remaining in place for Tier 4 areas, the current situation (covid cases increasing exponentially, the prevalent and allegedly more transmissable new strain of virus) has demanded that we must now change our position and advice to Sheds:

We strongly recommend that Sheds cease activities until at least the 30th of December when the Tier reviews will be announced.

For any Sheds who might be in an area under a lesser Tier, it would still be our recommendation to close over the Christmas period – the virus is spreading with no regard to what Tier your area falls under and the vaccination programme is playing catch up right now.

I’m sure you’ll agree that this is the last thing any of us wants, but that closing Sheds over the Christmas period is the right thing to do for each other, our communities and society at large. 

This year has been hard on the Shed movement, there’s no way of seeing past that fact. However we’ve seen that the support and camaraderie – the Shed Spirit – exists outside of the Sheds themselves and we can take strength and heart in that. 

So keep supporting each other in all the ways which work best for your Shed membership, and we’ll see our way through this and back inside Sheds very soon.
On behalf of the ESN team I’d like to wish you and your families a safe and happy Christmas.’