Behind the scenes at Perrywoods

We at the Essex Shed Network recently had the pleasure of organising a group of Essex Shedders, to take up an invitation from of Perrywoods Garden Centre, for a behind the scenes tour.

The head horticulturalist at Perrywoods, Tanya, led the group through greenhouses, of varying temperatures and points in the growing cycle.She explained the finer points in how they grow their plants and make sure that they are at their best, just as they go into the garden centre for retail.

Tanya was able to answer a multitude of questions with some fascinating answers around controlling pests and animals that visit that shouldn’t including mice, rats, pigeons and hares!

After the tour Shedders from different parts of the County enjoyed a cream tea from the Garden Centres tea rooms and all were able to share stories on setting up Sheds and insights around sheds, gardening and other choice topics!

One of the Shedders present said, “It was good to keep in touch and discuss about shed opportunities”

If you have an idea of an event or place that your Shed might like to visit, please get in touch at or call us 01621 851891.


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