Better signposting makes for better informed and healthier Sheds

After our recent Essex Sheds Survey 2021 we found some interesting data suggesting that Shedders would like to be better informed about their health.

Having already run a one-off health information event in 2019, we wanted to establish something more long term that could be referred to by every Shedder within their Sheds on a daily basis.

The simplest solutions are often the best, so this led us to gather printed information from all the worthy organisations currently addressing Men’s Health issues locally and nationally, then put all that info in a POS type holder which could be installed in all Sheds.

We hope this will enable Shedders to discreetly learn more about the health issues they may face, whilst also giving them a clear point of contact if they would like more information or support.

CTC Shed receiving their ESN Health Info display