ESN Supports new Mens Health Project

The Essex Shed Network is pleased to support a new social initiative aimed at supporting men to get healthy or stay healthy

BLOKES was launched in Maldon on Saturday and is a new social initiative for men in the Maldon District being set up with a wellbeing twist, it looks to encourage guys to get together to make positive changes in their lives  This new group will host monthly headline events and will help guys get together to share interests or to try something new.

Read more about the launch and project on the Maldon and District CVS website

Mayors award for Community Service


The members of The Maldon Men’s Shed were honoured last week to receive the Mayor’s Award for Service to the Community at the Annual Town Hall General Meeting. Phil Kinsman, Chair of the Maldon Shed said, “The Shed only keeps going because of the commitment of all its members. We have specific volunteer roles but everyone gives of their time, so the award was for everyone.”

After the recent break-in at the Shed, the Mayor also very kindly gave £250 from the Mayoral Charitable funds. Since then the Maldon Shed has also received a number of donations of timber, hand tools and power tools. Two security companies have offered them advice and support about their security. All this goodwill has transformed what was a shocking and saddening experience.

Phil said, “We want to thank everyone who has helped and supported us over the last few years and especially the last few weeks. The Shed is open as usual and always happy to welcome new members.”