Community Initiatives Fund

The Community Initiatives Fund is a grants scheme funded by Essex County Council which is designed to fund community projects that:

  • Create, procure or develop new community assets;
  • Enhance existing community assets; or
  • Enhance or develop initiatives that strengthen a community.

Applications are invited from bodies which are properly constituted, Essex-based and broadly representative of their local community or neighborhood.

The fund has been designed to be as flexible and responsive as possible to the needs of the community. Projects seeking funding should take account of ECC and Essex Partnership priorities including tackling crime and anti-social behavior, improving local environmental features, access to services and supporting communities.

There are two parts to the fund:

  • CIF (subject to a maximum application of £20,000 for any one project)
  • CIF Response (subject to a maximum application of £15,000 for any one project).

Full details of the fund, including the qualifying criteria and eligibility can be found in the guidance notes, which you should read before submitting your application.

CIF timetable 2018/19

  • receipt of completed application forms: Friday 26 October 2018
  • judging panels’ decisions: throughout November/December 2018

CIF Response timetable 2018/19

  • Final receipt of completed application forms: Friday 22 February 2019

For further information, please call 01245 437 887 or email

Full details are also available online at

If you require any help with your application then get please get in touch-, 01621 851891

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