Men’s Sheds and referrals

Shedders at Trust Links Community Shed

The network is growing all the time and the newer Sheds out there are beginning to find that, as they become better known in their communities, more individuals or organisations start to approach or refer their clients to them. Unfortunately not all of these people will be suitable for Sheds (more often than not on the grounds of health safety) but it can be stressful to know when this is the case; Shedders like to include rather than exclude anyone who might benefit, as they do, from belonging to a Shed.

Having had conversations with several Sheds on this subject, we have organised an event which we hope will help Sheds to manage outside referrals, confidently welcome men who will benefit most from Sheds and be able to provide each other with non-professional support; the Essex Shed Network Health Awareness and Networking Day will be held on Tuesday 10th September 2019 at Essex Cricket ground and will include talks about dementia, drugs and alcohol, mental health awareness and general men’s health.

There will also be plenty of time in the day for Sheds to network, share information and find out how other Sheds cope with different aspects of running a Shed including referrals. Not only that, but we will also host a Q&A session at the end of the day with a panel including the founders of the Essex Shed Network, Sarah Troop Laskar and Clive Emmett, along with other Shed experts, ready to answer any burning questions.

An email has been sent round to all Shed leads with the link to register for the event, but if for whatever reason you have not received or seen this then please email and we will forward the details.