Shedders Fair

Shedders Fair took place on the 23rd of November in Northampton and was attended by members of the Essex Sheds, including some from Maldon, Cressing Temple Community, ‘Beacon’ Shed Thundersley and West Essex Sheds.

It was a chance for the Shedders to come together and to network and share ideas with likeminded folk from all over the UK.

The Essex shedders were treated to a buffet lunch and a chance to ask questions and learn about how the Shed Network was developed and where it is today. There were several demonstrations of advanced woodworking tools and group sessions were run with information on the future development of the Shed Network nationally.

Overall the Shedders Fair was very popular; Bob Adams said

‘It was a worthwhile and rewarding day meeting Shedders from all over the country. I am now involved in the new UKMSA Ambassador programme and have also officially signed up the Cressing Temple Community Shed, to the national association.”

Other Essex Shedders also stated that the demonstrations were interesting and the attendees found it inspiring to meet a range of new people from across the country.

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