Men’s Sheds have been shown to have many beneficial outcomes for the people that attend them. We really believe that they add great value to local communities and we want to prove it to the world. In order to do that we need to hear from the people themselves the Shedders.

Getting to know you

This survey is for new shedders, 10 simple questions for us to get an idea of the type of people who are coming along to the Shed projects in Essex. The information provided will be anonymous so please be honest and help us to paint a picture of the people who are benefiting from these great projects.

Click here to take this survey

6 months later

Coming soon……

This survey is for those shedders who have been involved for a bit longer, whether you have completed the initial getting to know you survey or not we would love to find out about you.

Again this survey is anonymous and designed to show the world and our funders the difference that being involved with a Shed can make.

General Shed comments 

We always love to hear from Shedders about their experiences good, bad or just plain weird. If you would like to tell us anything about being involved with a Shed then please complete the below form.

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