Resilience in the face of Shed theft

Maldon Shedders resilient after break in

Maldon Shedders are resilient following the disappointing discovery that their Shed building had been broken into.

The Shed which operates out of the old mortuary building at Maldon Cemetery was broken into at the beginning of the week. The exact time of the burglary is unknown as the discovery was only made on Wednesday morning when the Shedders arrived to open their regular session. Thieves had gained access to the building via the destruction of the key safe hidden on the premises and early assessments are that around £3,500 of tools have been taken.

Phil Kinsman, Chair of Maldon Shed says “the Shed is the people not the building or the tools, so we’ll soon be back on track. Let’s not let it discourage us”

The Shed will be open as usual this Saturday, closing for Easter Monday and then open as normal from Wednesday 19th April.

If you would like to show your support for the Maldon Shedders a Just Giving page has been set up for people to send messages of support and give donations that will be used to improve security at the Shed and enable the projects continued running.