Work has started on a Men’s Shed at Hill Farm, Colchester

The Shedders examining the old water tank and deciding on the best method of removal!

Work has begun to turn the old barn on Hill Farm into a fully functioning Men’s Shed. The barn is a great project offering a lot of potential with room to grow and adapt to whatever tools/projects the Shedders decide to take on.

Behind the main barn area there are three adjoining rooms which the Shedders are focusing on converting first, with inspections of utilities happening in the next week or so. The Shedders have already begun work on mending doors and windows and removing the old water tank from the loft area.

This is a large but exciting project and the Shedders have agreed to meet every Thursday morning at 10.30am to work on the barn, which is located between the villages of Langham and Boxted near Colchester.

If you would like to be involved then please get in touch or simply come along on a Thursday morning here.